Ford Chief Talks Job Cuts – And Gives Away Maisto Ford Flex

Last week, Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally and his top managers met with the press to discuss a whole myriad of subjects. Points of interest were future job layoffs in the wake of disappointing sales results caused by higher gas prices and a downturn in truck sales. On the brighter side, Ford said it is planning to increase production of several smaller models that have been selling well, including the Focus, Fusion, Edge, and Escape. But job layoffs are a bummer, and the press was getting kind of surly when the boss uncovered his secret weapon – brand spanking new Power Racer Ford Flex, made by Maisto. These babies were packaged in a clear plastic box, and were prepared as a give-away to press gathered to hear about the positives of FoMoCo.

Interesting side-note on the Flex project – remember when Ford and I were in HK last month and we took the pics from the factory? At that time, we had the folks from Ford review the Flex, and were given the word that WE would have to do something about a plastic case, that their source had fallen through. that was back on april 25th. and here we are, 1 month later, and the boss is passing them out to the press – now that’s how WE roll…


8 thoughts on “Ford Chief Talks Job Cuts – And Gives Away Maisto Ford Flex

  1. Bummer about the Layoffs at Ford…but cool that Maisto’s turning out the product. Man…I NEED one of those!

  2. Im from Germany but with my father I was in Canada last year, and i have seen the Flex as most impressive car ever. So, we had to get one of those models – mailing expenses to and fro…

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