Creativity and Music

The connection between music and creativity is undeniable, and so music plays an important role in our lives here in the CAPD.

Rap, Metal, Classic Rock, Punk Rock and Oldies we love it all.

So like whenever Castro puts on Creedence Clearwater Revival, I cant help to be transported back to my dads shop as a kid where my dad would blast the radio at full volume like we do here, and since most of my ideas come from things i wanted as a kid this is definitely a creativity inducer.

Atmosphere has been doing the rap thing for the past decade, and judging by their catalog, Slug has probably written a million rhymes by now. Their latest album “When life gives you Lemons” has gotten great reviews but if you are a golden era rap fan then you definitely gotta get his “Strictly Leakage” ep available for free download here, your welcome.

Our Favorite animated Death Metal Band Dethklok is on tour, and I guarantee their live show will be brutal! so go check them out if your an adult swim fan. Do you folks like coffee?



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