some days my job just does not suck… part 2

so the long awaited day came – i headed out to burbank airport on wednesday for the short flight to lv and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 media event. on arrival, they picked us up in one of their sister co.’s audi q7 (note, 1 FINE suv). took us to the hotel, as in THEhotel. hard to forget that one… they (Lambo) have been doing this for about 3 weeks, this event for dealers, media, and suppliers. i was in the supplier group. they gave us a goody bag of swag at check-in…

an unbelievable dinner followed that night, kind of hard to describe – they had us in a tent outside of a hotel,

opening speech from Stephan Winkelmann, president of Lambo., and then in between 4 unreal courses we had incredibly exciting videos and music on 6 different massive projector screens accompanied by, at different times, dancers, acrobats, a fashion show, and an opera singer. right on the table in front of us. amazing. all for a total of about 30 of us.

before we knew it, the morning came. they boarded us on a bus early, took us out to the las vegas speedway. 20 minutes of introductory info. 5 minutes (maybe) of track instruction. and then a walk to the track to get in one of about 20 different lamborghini gallardos. brand new. by ourselves. why do they trust us – what were they thinking???

hmm, what color goes best with what i am wearing…

a couple of other beauty shots…

more, including a video, after the jump…

here were the instructions – we take 4 laps, with a leader (lambo emloyee in a murcielago). on the straight-away, the car closest to the lead moves to the left, everyone else moves up a spot, the car that moved out gets back in line, and we go again. have fun.
we topped speeds of 105 mph (i know there were faster). we must have taken 10 different tours of 4 laps. i was in a white one with black rims, it kind of started to grow on me after a while. at one point i was having difficulty in adjusting the settings between automatic, sport, and corse. i was trying to go to automatic. our lead driver, an lambo employee named max, shows me how to do it, then asks why? the course is made for corse, get a little sway in the back-end as you are making the turns, have a little fun. what the hell – you’re the expert max…

each time the leader picked up the pace a little bit. you realize what it takes to drive on of these, knowing the angles, when to accelerate (that one you learn fast!), when to brake (that one takes a little longer to learn). there is a small fear of going eddie griffin out there, but you are going so fast you don’t have time to think about it. on 1 tour i gave up my spot to a lawyer (actually a nice guy) out of chicago, randy, and took a spin in the murcielago with max. max was awesome – i took video off of my nikon slr, a little shaky, but it will give you a sense for what it is like to go ut with a pro driver.

i said thanks to max early in the ride when he did a couple of fish-tails as he knew I was filming. a little showy, but seriously he was doing this with 1 hand on the wheel and talking into the walkie talkie with the other (they mounted walkie-talkies in the back of the car, so we could hear instructions from the lead driver).

after a couple of more turns on the track, it was time to get back to the reality(?) of the lv strip.

here’s a last parting shot of the cars…

on the bus back i was talking to randy, we kind of had the idea that as excited as kids get about going to disneyland for the first time, that’s kind of like how we felt about this day with the gallardos. except we were on the only ride in the park. and it was about 100 times better than space mountain.

always different. always lamborghini. that’s their motto, their vision. i’m sold. maybe i can’t afford one of their cars (ok, let’s remove the maybe), but their fashion looks cooler to me all of a sudden. i get italian design. and the italian way is growing on me. a lot. thanks to all in charge, it was an incredible event, one i’ll never forget. special thanks to the awesome lucia for allowing me to take the owner’s place…


3 thoughts on “some days my job just does not suck… part 2

  1. OMG!!!
    That is Insanely Awesome. I wish I could get to do stuff like that. Thanks for the pics and your video was GREAT!

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