some days my job just does not suck…

Lamborghini is my favorite luxury performance car company. if i could afford it, i would buy one. a real one, not the reventon that sits on my desk. i mean it. and now, they proved once again why i love them so much.
a week or so before i headed out to hong kong last month, our owner received an email from stephan winkelmann, the president of lamborghini. he was inviting her to a global media event in las vegas for the lamborghini gallardo lp560-4, which was launched at the geneva auto show in march.

she forwards the email to me, no note, just forwarded it. i replied to her that she should go, and to get pictures, so we could of course post it on the double d.

while i am in hk the boss tells me no, she is too busy to come out for this type of event. she asked if i could advise lambo for her, and see if they would extend the invite to me. TO ME!

did i mention that one of the features of this event is track time with this 560 HP beast? probably with a driver, but still. so I advise lamborghini the owner can’t make it, they graciously extend the invite to me, come on out, we’d love to have you, and so wednesday i am off to vegas to hang out with my close, personal friends from Sant’ Agata for a couple of days. for sure i will have some beauty shots for you.

i swear, this job does not suck.

One thought on “some days my job just does not suck…

  1. WOW!

    Lamborghini has been my favorite for Years!
    Is that the new Gallardo in those pics? New Maisto release? Thumbs way UP!!

    The test drive has to be a great job perk.
    That is awesome! You can color me Jealous now.

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