So screw it, let’s ride

That is the newest statement from Harley-Davidson. Here’s the full text:

“Over the last 105 years in the saddle, I’ve seen my share of conflict in the world, but every time this country has come out stronger than before. Because chrome and asphalt put distance between me and whatever the world can throw at me. Freedom and wind outlast hard times. And the rumble of my engine drowns out all the spin on the evening news. If 105 years have proved one thing, it’s that fear sucks and it doesn’t last long. So screw it, let’s ride.”

The latest Maisto 1:18 scale Harley-Davidson® models are at stores and some H-D dealers now. In Series 23, the 2007 XL 1200 N Nightster in Vivid Black is an all-new tool. Here is how Harley describes it: “The dark recesses of the Sportster® soul are still intact. Check out the old school fork gaiters. The drilled metal pieces. The rear fender is chopped and clean, thanks to new stop-turn tail lights and a side-mount license plate. A low suspension puts the seat at just over 25″, right for prowling back alleys. And because a clenched fist hits only as hard as the muscle behind it, the Nightster™ gets the 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine. Rubber-mounted in the narrow, nimble Sportster® frame and finished with shades of dark. In other words, it’ll put the edge back on a blade.”

In Series 24, the Maisto 1:18 1952 K Model is all-new too. Resplendent in its Persian Red paint, the K Model was a new lightweight design featuring a 750cc side-valve flathead motor. Hydraulic shock absorbers on both wheels were a first for a civilian Harley bike. Years later, the Sportster® evolved from the K Model.

So, ignore the bad news and add these to your collection.

One thought on “So screw it, let’s ride

  1. “Because chrome and asphalt put distance between me and whatever the world can throw at me.” “So screw it, let’s ride.”
    Thats good stuff Charles, for me its loud guitars, beats and the chrome of a 2180 sitting inside of my 65 VW Bug!

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