From Start to Finish!

Here’s a closer look at the Cacho Customs ’50 Merc. If you get a chance to see this ride in person, it is to die for! Suede black, chopped, dropped, and customized beyond belief! They don’t call it “Misfit” for nothing!

That grill is mean muggin! And some clean pinstriping to top it off.

Now that is just Cool!

That’s what we call “Layin’ Frame!”

Here is the front view of the tooling sample. It’s not quite as low, but hey, it’s gotta roll right?

And here’s the back, I think she’s got some junk in the trunk!

And here is the final product. Well, one of them, it will be produced in various colors, including one that is identical to the real “Misfit.” Keep an eye out for this one!


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