WORKIN 9 to 5!!!

…well, actually like 8:30 to about 6:00! We were extremely busy today, so I didn’t have time to post anything. But busy is good right? It’s not just today either, we have loads of stuff to knock out in the next few weeks so you guys can have more cool stuff to buy soon! We’ve got a zillion e-sheets to do, packaging, turnarounds, and several other projects. Plus we get bombarded with mockup requests on a weekly basis, oh and the BLOG! We want to keep you all informed on the latest happenings with Maisto, our twin Sistah from anotha mother Bburago, and the CAPD! Some things I’d love to share, but you know, we gotta keep some things secret! What does everyone think of having some contests up in here? You know, giveaways, limited stuff, customs, stickers, freebies, what does everyone think? Let’s see some comments!


3 thoughts on “WORKIN 9 to 5!!!

  1. Castro! Glad to hear things are hoppin’ at Maisto. I dig the idea about the give aways…how about occationally posting a note that says the first ten guys to reply with a comment gets a freebee? Maybe that’ll get the lurkers out of the closet. It is getting close to Pride Week… 😉

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