Give Peace A Chance!

…that’s all we are saying! This is another installment of “Maisto Out of The Closet!” These entries are really fun because we get to go back and look at old releases, crappy deco’s, and some concepts that just didn’t quite make it. This one is actually pretty cool, and it really was produced according to Charles (a.k.a. The Keeper of Maisto Knowledge, a.k.a. The Grim Reaper!) Seeing this piece will take you back to ’69, back to Woodstock, and make you want to break out your bell-bottoms!

Here is the kicker, Charles dug up the ’99 catalog where this piece was available, and it was branded under VW “CE” Edition. “CE” standing for “Consciousness Expanding”…WT…? WOW, something tells me if these were sold at Woodstock, we would have made a killin’! (figuratively speaking, of course!)

These are 1:18 scale by the way. GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVY!!!!


3 thoughts on “Give Peace A Chance!

  1. I have a maisto CE edition bright green metallic diecast in new condition with a box in mediocre condition dated 05/99. It looks like the middle car in the right column with lots of flowers. Does anyone know what this would sell for? Anyone interested in buying it?

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