Case of the Mondays!

Yeah, so it’s Monday and the Maisto CAPD is already hard at work, going over new castings and e-sheets. B-RAD is all caffeinated and ready to go! R2B2 is going over his list and checking it twice! And T-LUG, well, he’s overseeing everything making sure the conference table is freshly dipped!

Here we have B-RAD adding up all the work he has ahead of him…

and Ralph making sure his list matches the rest of the teams…

and CASTRO, he’s thinking about what he’s gonna have for lunch… (hey how are we supposed to work and be creative on an empty stomach? Right?)

here’s a little peek of stuff that’s just laying around on a daily basis… (and Ralph in the background looking…unsure)

these Transporterz were sitting in the foreground and I just had to share. They sure are nice, and the Merc…is gorgeous!!!

I think this Fire deco is one of my favorites! B-RAD killed it on this one! Don’t sleep on this set!

it seems T-Lug got upset with all the other toys getting all the attention, he started to pout and Ralph had to console him with a big “T-Lug Hug!” There, there T-Lug!

After witnessing Ralph and T-Lug in a big “manly” hug, Darrell came in with a WTH? look on his face. But when he noticed the camera, he took off running.

Behind the scenes, Jose was getting down on some deco designs.

and Charles was getting down on some files that didn’t look too fun! Sometimes for fun Charles likes to have us throw ideas into the air, while he shoots them down at a rapid-fire pace!

Christian was mysteriously out today, are there any soccer games going on? Oh wait, it’s Cinco de Mayo, I bet we can find him at the local bar. I went to the big man’s office (r h b) and he was nowhere to be found. Maybe he’s at the bar with DiMex celebrating!


3 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays!

  1. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMn! That was a great peek into the brains of the Maisto Diecast crew! Thanks for sharing. BTW…what exactly was on the computer screens that were blurred out????????

  2. Oh…and the 1/64 Transporters there…any chance of building some with ‘stock…er’ rims and tires?

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