What is it?

So my wife asks me this morning, “What is it with young boys and cars?” You see little Ralphie was never handed a car since he was born, and now look at him, naturally playing with a car on a floor rug that has a road printed on it, all on his own.

Now I can vividly remember my days as a youth having little diecast cars in my hand and the feeling I got. I am 32 now and I still get that same feeling when I hold a pro rod or an outlaw in my hand. What is it?

Personally to me, as an adult I think its the fact that you can own a Lamborghini Gallardo without breaking the bank, and as a kid, well i think its the fact that you can drive a “cool car” (what lil Ralph calls them) around the world!

We here at Maisto would like to ask you all the same question, What is it?


4 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Well…to be honest some little boys like playing with dolls (not the action figure type toys) and some little boys like playing with guns and cars. “I” can relate my childhood with little Ralphie…hahahahhaha. Little Ralphie…you RULE!

  2. The toys do in a way relate to what we see in real life. Perhaps to a kid, they see 4 wheelers everyday, having a mini 4 wheeler simply means the world to them. 😀

    First time visiting this Maisto blog, rather cool. Will be checking in more often now. 🙂

    Im starting on the vw buses series (i collect these buses), and honestly we here in Singapore get so limited range of buses (speaking on behalf of vw bus fans here) !

    Yet I see so many different varieties on the Maisto webby, but only one or two, max three varieties make it to our shore stores. (open a Maisto shop here? heh) WE WANT MORE!!! RAWWR!!! ;D

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