2009 Nissan GT-R: More photos…

Part 3 of our ongoing story of following a new 1:24 scale model from beginning to the store shelf.

The Product Development Request form has been signed by the company president so this is now an official project (we knew it would be so we jumped the gun a bit on getting photos and specs in advance). It has been assigned an SKU (stock keeping unit = the part number) of 18-42016. Brian and his crew at our Hong Kong headquarters located a GT-R there. They took measurements and shot more photos. They will now be further analyzing the information and will be planning the number of parts, determining the various materials to be used and instructing our modelmakers in China to begin sculpting the master model.

3 thoughts on “2009 Nissan GT-R: More photos…

  1. Is the model you are building going to be right hand drive or left hand drive ? You should make it left hand drive, as most people will probably be building right hand drive models. I have seen/ sat in right and left hand drive R35’s and they are the same, but for here in the US, I think a left hand drive model makes more sense.

  2. for sure it will be left hand drive. the car we photo’d in HK was right hand drive, but our’s will be left.

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