all in a days work… part 2

as a follow up to our previous post when we visited our factory earlier this week, we have a few more snippets for you.

maybe this is zinc to some, but to others, this is pure gold…

so after the bodies come out of the mold, they are pretty rough – certainly too rough to paint. so we have this machine, it’s my favorite cccccuuuzzzz iiiitttttt vvvvviiiiiibbbbrrrrraaaattttteeeeessssss lllliiikkkkeeee cccccrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyyy….. basically it’s this huge vat that the bodies are run up into,

and it is filled with smooth rocks and cleaned with water. it smoothes the rough edges of the bodies, getting them ready for the paint shop.

to give you an idea of the size, here is mark coming down from looking in on the polishing

ok, then the bodies come through a chute and are hand polished and readied for painting

one final inspection before going off to the paint shop – here we outsource this job to some visiting experts:

off to the painting spindles, where they are electro-statically charged to allow the paint to stick better.

after tampo hits are applied, they are readied for final production

and here they are moving down the line…

after packaging, a final inspection and into a stack for packing

so we are unsure about the efficiency of the footwear on this employee, but hey, until you walk a mile in their shoes, who are we to say…

and of course, the obligatory photo shoot for visiting dignitaries, just so their bosses know they actually visited the factory

and there you have it. hope you enjoyed this post – special thanks to mark, jon, and pat for allowing us to have some fun with their visit, and to charles, david and michael for their graciousness at the factory.


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