Maisto in PORTUGAL 

well, well, well, seems the ole double d has stirred up a little competition amongst the managers, all looking for a little piece of web-space to tout their favorite customer. we saw it a little with the folks in Dubai, and hot on the heels of that gem we have some news from portugal. seems a new store has opened by the name of Casas Das Prendas – here is a shot of the store in the mall –

and here’s an even better one of the front of the store

here’s our boys David and Pedro Lopes, surrounding the owner of the store Pedro Marguez – yeah, the Lopes’ are all smiles now, but if they don’t get the order, watch out…

we are ok, we got the order, it shipped, and the store is looking good…

the final picture, honestly, we’re not sure who this is – some speculate she’s a princess, others think she might have nothing to do with this thread – all dd knows is this – when we receive a pic of a beautiful woman, obviously from money, and it is in anyway related to the post, that pic is going in…
we’ll apologize afterwards…

boa sorte Senhor Marguez!


6 thoughts on “Maisto in PORTUGAL 

  1. I want to buy Suzuki Hayabusa Gsxx 1300 Toys… But buy net, isn´t possible, and in the Portugal store never had those models 😦

    How can i buy models like those?

    Best regards form Oporto Portugal, Nelson

  2. I would like to buy a fiat stilo sport black.
    in portugal doesn’t exist this model.
    can he help me?
    best regards
    ana pesso
    coimbra, portugal

  3. dear sirs
    I would like to know if is possible to buy through one of your agents in europe, some models of Ferrari scale 1:24 that you produze but that aren´t available to buy in Portugal, despite i search every where.
    I’ve seen on many sights other persons selling kits to assemble at home, but i would like to buy a all the models that are missing.
    Thank’s in advance for you attention, best regards, Rui

    • Hi! Sorry you’re having trouble finding our models in Portugal. David M. Lopes, Lda.
      Contact this importer to find out what retailers are stocking the cars that you are looking for:
      Rua Fernandes da Fonseca
      Centro Comercial da Mouraria
      Piso 4 – Sala 701
      1100-238 Lisboa
      Phone: 351-21-8878939
      Fax: 351-21-8860634

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