all in a days work… part 1

as promised, today’s post will give a little more insight into the manufacturing side of things.
while on our eastern swing, we had the good fortune to host our friends from Ford and their licensing agency Beanstalk. we spent the entire day with Mark, Jon, and Patrick, traveling to our factory in dongguan city, getting a great tour from the folks there, traveling back for a meeting in our showroom, and then entertaining them at night. normally this stuff seems like work, but because these folks are so nice, it was really more of a cool day of touring around a foreign country.

whenever we come here, we always marvel at the transportation systems that is normal for the locals – such as this makeshift taxi

we were also rushing to snap a photo of these tractorish looking flatbeds, kind of a mullet on wheels – business in the front and partay in the back

then it was on to the factory. the size of the factory is enormous, and it is laid out on a plot of land covering over 1.6 million square feet. and this is only one of the factories the bosses own

the factory was in full production on street troopers, the new r/c line we are racing to get to market. here is a photo of some factory workers assembling project 66

after that, we went through the molding shop, and into the tooling area – here are some folks fine-tuning one of our many tooling molds

and a shot of just a few of the racks holding some of our 1000’s of tools

before we knew it, it was close to lunchtime. we had finished in a room, and were heading out when we heard a commotion – apparently they had kept the employees from going to lunch while we were touring one of the rooms – so the second we left – watch out, they were on their way to the canteen…

ok, catch us tomorrow, we’ll finish up on this post about our visit to the Maisto factory in china.


2 thoughts on “all in a days work… part 1

  1. GREAT!!!!! I’VE ALWAY WANTED TO SEE WHAT THE INSIDE OF THE FACTORY LOOKS LIKE!!!! WOW! Thanks for the inside info! Hope you’re having a great time in China

  2. Those are some cool shots! And working in an injection molding department at work..seeing all those tools and tool makers working on them is just as it looks at my job!

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