New Lamborghinis Spotted in Showroom

one of the nice features of coming to hk is you never have to look too hard to see some new products. a quick tour of the showroom was more than paid off by the appearance of pre-production samples of the 1:18 Gallardo Superleggera, in silver and yellow

the new Murcielago LP640

and a 1:24 LP640

all of this was overshadowed by one new lamborghini, and it is not one we even sell. there, in all of it’s blingful glory (do the kids still use the word bling?), was a Swarovski crystal encrusted Murcielago.

The number they gave me was over 1,000 crystals, each one hand applied. you know what they say about the cost of these – if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it anyway. so of course i asked, cause i can’t afford it, and was told this had a retail value of over $1,000. and how many did i want? just looking, thanks…


4 thoughts on “New Lamborghinis Spotted in Showroom

  1. Hola, pues yo quisiera que me informaran si tienen a la venta un volkswagen 2002, obvio en carrito de colección, necesito para un regalo, ojalá pudieran informarme, gracias.

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