once in a while, we get things right. it doesn’t always happen, but once in a while…
maybe a month ago we had requested capd to create some new graphics for our line of 1:64 elite transport, which have been selling incredibly well. the guys had asked about doing some military decos, and dr. no, capd’s boss-man, did not say no. about 2 weeks ago the first samples came in.

capd tells dr. no some of the graphics are authentic, but that everyone is behind them.
so our own b-rad, brad trimmer, did the graphics. b-rad was off on vacation last week, which isn’t much of a change from his normal slacker tendencies while he is here (everyone knows we are joking about that…). so b-rad goes back to kentucky to visit family, including his son-in-law, who is stationed at Ft. Knox. oh, and he takes the sample with him. he had created the graphics replicating the marking, name, and motto of Fort Knox’s 19th Engineer Battalion, his son-in-laws unit. fortunately, everyone was pretty thrilled about it, so i guess dr. no is also.
hit the link to take a look at the story as it appeared in the local newspaper – don’t worry about typos or misinformation about quantities, etc – the bulk of the story is accurate.
way to go b-rad – we’re proud of you and your son-in-law!

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