Creativity ON HOLD!

we know, we know – we work at a company that makes die-cast cars, motorcycles, etc. and we aren’t in the finance department, not the warehouse, but in prod dev. -it’s the life, isn’t it? we just sit back all day long, surfing for new vehicles to make, new colors and designs to put on old vehicles, checking out the magz for trends – how can we complain? we find ways, trust us…
case in point, yesterday. rush request to put some samples together for a sales presentation. gotta keep ’em sales folks happy. not the easiest to do, but we try. even if it means we have to stop being creative for a few hours. here’s the capd guys hard at work with the old cut and paste, trying to mash some old products into some new packages…

now, if you look closely, you see 2 members of the team, heads down, carefully lining up their cuts to make the stuff look good. that would be d-mex and castro. the other young man, Ralphie, well he seems to be taking a break, doesn’t he? we’re sure this was just momentary, as in most of the afternoon…hmm….
here is another photo of castro, obviously satisfied with his performance.

job well done guys! now give us some new die-cast, dammit!