The Daily Dose – It’s All You Need….

Ok – last post on welcoming you to the new blog, etc… the old site was failing – internally, it pained us to even go to it, and we (california product development (capd)) were responsible for it. our home page featured logos of 8 discontinued product lines. C’Mon now! our stats were great, people kept coming to our site in record numbers, but we were giving them nothing new. so castro came up with the idea of this blog, and he figured out how to manage it from the PD, not IT office, and so here we are. IT is happy. capd is happy. and we hope you will be happy. jcuriarte is handling the rest of the site – the look is about 70% updated, so soon it’ll all be good. you’ll get a little insight from us on how we do what we do, but most important is to see new stuff and to get an idea when it comes out and where you can find it. we promise to post regularly – that’s the only way we all agreed to do this, so if we fail, heads will roll. we’ll have some side stories along the way – i’m off to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks, and will be visiting one of our factories with a licensor. we hope to include some pics of that while we are there. we also want to chronicle a title, we have one in mind, from it’s inception to the shelf, so you can get a feel for the process. all in all, lots of info. hope you like it – give us feedback if you do. or even if you don’t.